Business Development

Connecting businesses on a global level to facilitate ongoing major partnerships and joint ventures.

Brand Identity

We help you find and visualize your identity and then nurture it to evolve into international brands.

Public Relations

Helping craft the right message to reach the right audience at just the right time.

Story About Us

Our adventures make us unique

Gallagher Group International (GGI) was founded by Elizabeth Gallagher as a global business development, branding and public relations firm. As an advocate for diversity, Gallagher’s passion has been to develop, advance and promote minority owned businesses.


We have aided enterprises design, develop and run multi-million dollar programs across multiple cultures.

Take Action

Tough competition? We work with you to identify the right steps to stand apart and rise above the competitors in your industry, as well as surveying the landscape of up and coming innovators.

Delivering On Time

Our solutions are always delivered on time and within budget.  We boast a proven track record of delivering innovative answers to resilient problems.

Meet People Behind
Our Success .

Gallagher Group International is comprised of a diverse group of creative and driven individuals.  The expertise of our team spans generations, continents and industries.  We bring to our clients an extensive collective knowledge from finance, government, healthcare, information technology, construction, non-profit and several other enterprise ventures.

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Constantly Generating Meaningful & Influential Connections Across the World

Global Partner Testimonials

Elizabeth greatly displays the ability to lead, the ability to show the importance of giving back and be a change agent to the community as well as the nation.

David Lizarraga
Former Chairman of USHCC


Change happens in small increments. As much as we strive for global impact, Gallagher Group International understands that true transformation happens at the local level.


These folks love working with us. You will too!

Harness the Power of Diversity

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